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Anastasia Spiridonova Senior editor

This review applies to version 5.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Motorola Phone Tools is an official program for working with Motorola mobile phones. Use Mobile Phone Tools on your notebook for creating a mobile office. Install this program on your notebook and synchronize your PC and the mobile phone.
Your contacts, the calendar, and your tasks will be always synchronized, and you will be able to get online wherever you want.

-You can get online, even if there is no network in sight. Just connect your PC (notebook) to your mobile phone and use your mobile phone as a modem for connecting to the Internet.
The program Mobile PhoneTools uses new communication technologies (GPRS, UMTS, GSM) for an efficient, high-speed access. The program includes a master of connection to GPRS, as well as the parameters for main operators of mobile phone networks to facilitate the configuration.

- Synchronize your mobile phone with your PC. Send and get e-mail messages, synchronize your phone list of contacts and the calendar to your PC through the MS Outlook. The program Mobile Phone Tools has full integration with Outlook.

- Manage effectively the communications straight from your mobile office: Use your mobile phone for getting online and then send and get your email messages, send SMS, MMS, and fax messages using the conveniences of your Notebook.

- Explore multimedia features of your mobile phone. The program Mobile Phone Tools also includes in itself the programming software of ringtones, so that you can create your own ringtones and send them to your phone through Bluetooth, an infrared port, or a cable. The program is supplied with some wallpapers and video-correcting tools for an individualization of your Mobile phone the way you like.


  • You can get online, even if there is no network in sight.


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  • 2
    Kim Oswald 4 years ago

    There is a problem with Apple ITUNES it has not been working for months not downloading. need help and need to find my insurance that was paod for back in Jan 2011 on my new Iphone.
    Thank you
    Kim Oswald-Reyes
    please contact us so this matter is taken care of credit card # was given to rep

  • 0
    Amanda 5 years ago

    This is the worst printer I have ever tried to use. Don't buy one!

  • 2
    chikungs 7 years ago

    this the best sofare to use


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